How many times have you lost a valve box out in the field because your landscaper put mulch over it?

Knowing the general area of where it is but no matter how hard you look you can’t seem to find it. That seems to be the most common fault that we see out in the field.

Wire tracing and valve location works great when a zone valve is not operating electrically out in the field or if there is a wire that is severed . Valve locators find lost valves by tracing the wires from the controller to the lawn sprinkler system valve location. A valve locator consists of a transmitter, a receiver, two lead wires and a grounding stake. The valve locator transmits a beeping signal along the wire to locate irrigation valves. Using a valve locator is an accurate way to find lost valves without damage to the lawn or garden.

This service can sometimes take time depending upon how large the estate is, number of valve boxes in the field, and how old the wire is. Normally two contractors are sent to the job site. As one tracks the wire the other digs small test holes to make sure we are on the direct path to the location of the zone valves. If you are having any electric problems give us a call to see how we can help you.

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Check out the video below on Wire Tracing.