The Summer months are most critical when it comes to maintaining your lawn and plants. Spring watering cycles that were set are no longer sufficient. We found that the key element in keeping your landscape looking healthy is to closely monitor the irrigation over the summer months. By doing this it saves the unnecessary aggravation of turf and plant material going into drought stress.

Summer is the most difficult time of year for turf. As temperatures rise, the higher the evaporation rate becomes. In general, turf grasses may need 3/4” to 1” worth of water per week to keep that healthy look throughout the Spring months. As late June rolls around, the temperatures tend to exceed 85 degrees. With less help from mother nature during Summer months Irrigation systems should be re-programmed from 1” to 1.5” per week. Deeper soakings are a must, providing moisture to the soil at a depth of 5 – 8 inches. This encourages deeper root growth.

One may ask well how is this done?
How do I provide 1” worth of water at 5” inches of soil depth?

An irrigation professional understands precipitation rates and can calculate how much water should be dispersed over a landscape.

We find that weekly and bi-weekly check-ups are a must to keep a landscape looking healthy. Mother nature is unpredictable. We think it is fair to say, that we all know the dramatic weather changes that Long Island can encounter. These (summer) services have been very successful for us. If you are interested, feel free to give our Bellport office a call. We can put you on a routine check-up over the summer months and keep your property looking green and lush.