Winters can be hard on your lawn sprinkler system. Gaskets in the rotors tend to dry out over the cold months, causing them to leak when the system is pressurized. It is necessary to replace gaskets if possible or swap out the rotor/spray for a new one. This will prevent waisted water and most important, a savings on your water bill over the course of a season.

Having your automatic lawn sprinkler system operating properly in the beginning of the season is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Spring Start-ups normally consist of:
1. Opening the main water source to the irrigation system.
2. Adjustment of irrigation clock.
3. Checking to make sure an electrical signal is sent from the irrigation controller to all zone valves.
4. Cleaning debris from each rotor/spray, and flushing drip irrigation.
5. Making sure adjustments are correct and monitoring if any changes have been done to the landscape.

Our Spring Start-up service inspects for all the issues winter leaves behind. It is not a process that should be rushed through. It is important to make sure everything is working effectively so plants and turf are covered properly and water is not being wasted. Over time landscapes can change such as; plants maturing, bed lines changing, or properties being redesigned. During a Spring Start-up we are there to review all these areas. If changes or enhancements are needed we will recommend a professional way to re-sculpt your irrigation system to meet the needs of your private or commercial property.

Our company is fully stocked with irrigation materials. Our trucks are fully equipped, giving us the capability to fix problems that may arise on site. This prevents the inconvenience of scheduling another appointment. With fuel costs on the rise, we need to work efficiently. Our service crews are on the properties looking through the irrigation systems and fixing broken parts that are essential to make your system perform properly over the course of a season. If there is a costly problem, a phone call will be placed to the customer. Keep in mind we like to fix the problem while we are on property, this will create a savings in service charges and fuel efficiency.

Thoroughly inspecting and maintaining our customer’s irrigation systems on a regular monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly maintenance schedule keeps our customer’s properties in top shape. Consistent monitoring prevents costly repairs and creates a healthy and beautiful landscape. This is how we have built our reputation on the south shore in the towns of Sayville,Bayport,Blue Point,Bellport and Southampton among others. We take pride in providing a high level of professional service since the establishment of our business in 1998.