Since 1998, K&C Irrigation has performed many up-grades to irrigation systems in Suffolk County. Renovations of existing sprinkler systems is our specialty! This is something that we really enjoy here at K&C irrigation, it keeps us sharp and on our game. We take pride in helping customers that have irrigation systems that are not working sufficiently. There are many irrigation products on the market and with today’s technology, it is easy for a homeowner or business to do research on them. The complicated part is, what products to use and how they will benefit the landscape? Well, that’s what we are here for! To perform Irrigation audits on your system, to talk with you, and to give you the most cost effective way for your system to run while also conserving water.

Renovating an irrigation system can consist of many alterations. Some common things that we see in our travels that should be addressed are; wasted water, large systems running off municipal water, water throwing on structures, and irrigation systems running for hours on end 7 days a week. Other common problems are; low volume, incorrect pipe sizing for the length of zone runs, irrigation mains run with small diameter piping, and thermostat wire buried under ground. These are all problems that our company has observed and fixed over 13 years of business.

Renovating a sprinkler system is our speciality and we take pride in giving our customers a quality system that will give years of enjoyment and freedom from the garden hose.