Irrigation systems have become one of the most popular necessities for commercial and residential real estate. Irrigation systems are now listed on property brochures by real estate companies. This is a great marketing tool that makes your property more attractive to prospective buyers. In residential real estate, the baby-boomer generation finds an Irrigation system to be most convenient. The younger age groups are buying older homes, re-modeling them and restructuring their landscape, thus receiving an instant increase in the resale ability of their investment.

The problem that I see in this field is, irrigation along with other home improvements have become all about what is the best deal I can get!. While looking for deals, consumers tend to pay less attention to what product is being installed and the professionalism of the contractor on the job. I have seen a dramatic increase of people opening irrigation businesses over the past 8 years. These people think it is a great side job for extra income with low overhead. They are working with just a DBA (doing business as) and minimal knowledge in the irrigation industry.

Irrigation is by far one of the most important home improvements that can be done to your home or business.
Design is crucial for the longevity of an irrigation system. Product lay out is important. Irrigation systems should not just be thrown into the ground. This is what non-professionals have turned the irrigation industry into.

Surprisingly, irrigation can represent up to 50 percent of the annual water usage for a residential or commercial property. Installing an improper irrigation system can result in wasteful water and high bills from your municipality. For homes or businesses that have submersible pumps water usage is free, but you will pay for electricity. Either way a proper designed irrigation system is a must.

At K&C Irrigation LLC we have over 15 years of experience in designing and installing quality irrigation systems. I like to make sure that any material that goes in the ground is installed with a well thought out plan for future needs, along with providing uniform coverage through out the property. If our name is on it, you are guaranteed to have a well designed irrigation system. My employees and I enjoy what we do and that pride reflects in our work.