In 1992, I established a relationship with a well-known horticulturist and professor. His experience of 30 plus years and a degree in horticulture from Cornell University and Irrigation Design has made me an expert in the Irrigation industry. While in high school and then in college, I worked weekends, and vacations with his company learning about plant, turf requirements and system design.

In 1998, K&C Irrigation LLC was established in Brookhaven, on the south shore of Eastern Long Island. As a college graduate I then purchased the company and I am proud of our achievements to date. Our reputation, professional approach & level of customer service with experienced, reliable employees is our first priority. We are an owner operated organization which ensures our commitment to top quality work and your satisfaction.

At K&C Irrigation LLC, sprinkler repair and upgrading of existing Irrigation Systems is one of our specialties. New ways to irrigate your residential and/or commercial property are always changing. Now that we are watching water consumption and trying our very best to
GO GREEN, there are new ways to irrigate a landscape.

Older Irrigation Systems are not as efficient, as what is available on the market today. It is important to have an Irrigation contractor that has an Irrigation license. An Irrigation Contractor understands precipitation rates, water flow, friction loss, design, and many other aspects of the industry. They guarantee their Sprinkler System Installations and use only Industry approved equipment to insure a quality Installation and System that will last many years.

K&C Irrigation LLC takes Pride in Quality Workmanship.
We work hard to stay updated in the irrigation industry. Technology is always changing, courses are taken every year in the winter months to ensure that we are up to date with the most cutting edge products on the market.

All of our irrigation timers are installed using conduits for a neat and professional looking job. Only copper piping inside buildings is used. All underground fittings are double clamped, and constant pressure lines are either triple clamped or SCH 40 PVP pipe is used. Dura Schedule 80 manifold parts are installed rather than cheaper manifold parts that have a tendency to leak or brake over time. Valve boxes are installed the right way with bricks to keep them from settling. Electrical connections are made with waterproof connectors. These are just a few differences that make K & C Irrigation LLC of Long Island stand out among all of the other competitors in the Irrigation Industry.